Saturday, July 30, 2011

The day/night wedding

Jurie who usually does not give any input has told me he wants to have a late afternoon night wedding.
Something I am very much against. I have always wanted a morning wedding, because everything is fresh in the morning, especially me. I know there are some downfalls to a morning wedding: the wedding party has to wake up early, my hair and make-up will have to be done early, people traveling from far will have to wake up early or travel from the day before.
The thing is a went to a morning wedding some years ago and I knew from that day, it's what I really wanted.
I love breakfast, people can stay longer because they don't have to travel home in the dark. I have the rest of the day to chill and then the next day we can worry about the honeymoon.
The reason Jurie wants the morning wedding is because of the "party" it usually is afterwards. He wants to drink with his friends and dance. I don't want an evening wedding because of the father daughter dance(which I will not be doing).

Another problem is that if I change to an evening wedding pretty much all my planning has to change. I have to change my dress, my bridesmaid dresses, the table arrangements.

A morning wedding is way more colourful and vibrant and the food is light.The evening wedding is more formal and festive plus the food is heavier. The whole dilemma is do I give Jurie this one thing he wants, or do I do what I want???

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The invite or the E-vite

So, I haven't been very focused on the wedding lately, this is not because I don't want to get married...because I do, it's just that it's hard to please everyone with the wedding plans. People say it's your wedding do what you want. But that's a lie. You have to invite all the family so no one is offended.Even if your wedding budget doesn't allow it. You have to make it convenient for people, I mean the time should it be a morning wedding or an afternoon evening wedding. Thus I have become somewhat despondent with the plans.Anyway the subject says invite or e-vite. What I mean about this is that with more people having computers and Internet at home, is it better sending an e-vite that would be easier cheaper and more convenient for people. Or should I do it the old school way where about 3-4 months before the time I send out snail mail invites.I say 3-4 months but I don't really know what the standard time is to send out invitations for a wedding???? Plus if it's an invite people can keep it for something sentimental. But I am limited by the "human factor" of the post office. The e-vite I am limited by the people that don't have computers.
Having said that, I would like to speak about the invite I ahve attached. I would really like an invite like this.
Number 1: I can personalize it with our own pictures.
Number 2: It's simple and not too fancy
Number 3: It's cute

Let me know what you think, if you have any information about e-vite because my knowledge is very limited.