Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 Months

So here we are with 2 months to go...

And at least 3 more weeks until we are going to be back in South Africa. So that means by the next time I post I will be home :)
The list of things to do while we are away is dwindling with Jurie and I working on the music now.
Going through songs that will be put onto our iPods, Phones and even copied onto CDs. We aren't going to take any chances.

The bubbles have been bought and the program has been approved and the honeymoon destinations organized.
Now comes the waiting to go home part where we will have to put everything together.

Having said that here comes the time that we look at our budget and that people and places that we have already paid deposits too put up their prices for 2013. LOVELY!
Seriously though one more rant about this subject before I let it go. I believe that once you pay a deposit to a company you should pay the price that was quoted to you then. There should be a law about that!

Anyway I am going to take a deep breath and enjoy the last leg of the planning. Pretty soon I am going to be a bride and then a wife and it's all about the marriage...not the wedding.