Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Months to go

Time is flying by and soon it's going to be time for Jurie and I to fly home in December.
It's 5 months to go before the wedding and 4 months to go until we leave for home.

The things that have been done
Garter has been bought
Dress has been bought
Hair and trial has been booked
Mom is making the bunting
Ma is making the cake stand

Things that still need to be done
The honey favours still need to be sent
The bubbles need to be bought
The cake needs to be booked
The music needs to be sorted out
The honeymoon needs to be booked
The remainder of the bridesmaids, groomsman, best man and mothers gifts need to be bought

And that's about it

Jurie and I have been following our wedding's not really a diet it's more about eating at the right times and eating healthy food and of course exercise.

I really should recommend pinterest to people because, it makes things so much easier. Especially looking up DIY and some fun wedding ideas

That's it for now ^^