Sunday, October 14, 2012

4/3 months to go

The reason why I didn't write anything for the 4 month mark was...well quite frankly I forgot!
I have been busy with my Masters thesis and I didn't have much time, well now I have a little break in my schedule to type something and it's close to the 3 month mark so I added the two together!

A lot of stuff has been done and there is still more to do, the 3 month mark is coming and at the end of this month we wanted people to RSVP.

Mom received the honey favours and they look great! Mom has also almost completed the hearts and bunting (YAY MOM!!!!)

The dress and bridesmaid dresses arrived! Hair and make up trials have been booked, programs times etc are being finalized by Leigh (minister).

The bubbles and napkins will be ordered this month.

It's 2 more months until we get back to South Africa so that's another exciting thing too. Soon I am going to be able to help my mom with all the stuff she has been doing!

Oooooh and Jurie and I better start working on the music now!