Monday, August 1, 2011

A splash of colour

So the thing I have been thinking about is colours. I think I am going colour crazy. Light or bright, same or different, accents???? All of these things I have been thinking of.
So in any case if I go with a morning wedding I have been thinking of either having a palette of colours or just 3 colours 2 being the main colours and the third just being a supplementary colour.
The thing I am having problems with is the fact that Jurie and I have chosen green and pink as our colours but those I think are possibly the hardest to work with. All the pictures of green and pink wedding I have seen have been....well... bleh. I think the problem stems from the fact I don't know if I want pastel colours or bright colours.Morning weddings do they usually have light colours or bright colours. I mean I don't want to incinerate any ones eyeballs so early in the morning. If I do go with pastels I was thinking of having the brides maids(2) wearing different pastel shades like pink, purple. Then the flower on Juries shirt will be blue and the one on Gert's will be yellow or something like that.
However if I go with just 2 colours with  one supplementary colour I think I will go with pink and coral and green.