Saturday, May 19, 2012

8 months to go

These are some DIY things I have been looking at. 

When I get back home, mid December I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my mom. I am so lucky because my mom and I are like best friends and I love her more than anything. She has been helping me by riding around in South Africa and calling people to get information and sewing things.

One of the things she has started sewing is the tiebacks of the chairs she got the colours blush pink and mint green. We are only using the colours on half of the chairs.

Another thing she has been sewing is hearts to hang on the tree in the chapel.

Things we will be working on together when I get home 

Program fans ( Although the wedding is at 9am I am sure it will start to get hot and people use programs as fans anyway so why not make it a fan)

The cardbox (simple show box that is painted and has a ribbon around)

The garter (cheaper to make one, it's going to be tossed anyway)

Napkin rings (simple ribbon rings)

Here are ideas for decor maybe at the entrance of the church, the entrance of the reception, the cake table, the guestbook/ cardbox table

 I like this idea of an old watering can holding flowers, It's simple and reusable

We have old black rain boots in the garage( not sure if they are still there) but spray paint them white and then another colour and then tada you have another reusable decoration

 This is a tea cup and saucer that has some oasis inside and can be used as a decoration on a table.

Thinking of having something like this on the guestbook/ cardbox table. It's an old frame, you plaint a piece of cardboard using blackboard paint and then write in white chalk " Please sign our guestbook"

The final piece I am thinking about putting on the cake table, it have flowers in it that I will use later to toss.

I am all about things being reused, so using old teacup and teapots and boxes that we have already is a quick and easy way to save money and make everything look rustic/ vintage which is the look we both like.