Friday, May 27, 2011

The wedding dress debate

I call this the wedding dress debate because I have been trying to decide what is the most convenient.
Buying a dress in Korea and having it altered( it will have to be altered because I am bigger than the Korean girls). The other option if just before the wedding by a dress. I think this will be too stressful. The best option would be to order a dress online. This makes the most sense because it will be easier and cheaper. The drawbacks could be that the picture and the overall product is a disappointment but I think it might be something I have to take a chance on. My friend my Korea, she is South African(Natasha) had to also plan her wedding while she was here and her advice and resources have been very helpful. She gave me a great website where I will be able to find a dress and the shipping is free and they only ask for the money once you have received the dress and are satisfied with it.I have also found my 3 favourites. I showed Tash and she loves them too.
 So this one is my second favourite. I have decided that I want sleeves on my wedding dress. I like an empire waist and I also like flowy material. This is very soft and feminine and I like the silver detail on the waist.
 This is my third favourite. I like it because it is unusual. I like the one shoulder effect and the detail on the bodice. I wouldn't wear a necklace because the one sleeve is the focal point. I would wear pretty little earrings though.
This dress is my favourite. I think it just is something I would wear. I love the detail over the dress. It is classic and feminine and flowy too. I like the silver over the dress. It's beautiful yet not too flashy at the same time. Plus is it not expensive so, I might go for this style.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Date and planning thus far

We have come up with "dates" We know it's going to be in 2013, two years from now because we are saving money and also we want to be done with our Masters degrees.We have also decided that it's either going to be in January or December, these are the times when we can go on vacation. I know it may seem silly, that I am planning from now and I still have 2 years to go. But this is because we live in South Korea and the wedding is going to be in South Africa. This is also because I am working and studying at the same time. So I am going to be planning a little at a time and  ONLY when I have free time. Jurie has been a lot of help. I have heard of a lot of grooms that don't want to be involved but Jurie always gives me his 2 cents worth.We have decided on the colour scheme. Jurie's favourite colour: Green and my favourite colour pink. I know I would like a dress that has some sort of sleeves. The centerpiece is going to be a teapot with pink flowers inside.We both decided on the favours we are going to give out.Chopsticks because that represents where we live at the moment.
We are also going to have fridge magnets of wild animals from the heartfelt project. This represents where we come from.We also want to do this because it helps support a cause. That's it so far.