Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 Months

So here we are with 2 months to go...

And at least 3 more weeks until we are going to be back in South Africa. So that means by the next time I post I will be home :)
The list of things to do while we are away is dwindling with Jurie and I working on the music now.
Going through songs that will be put onto our iPods, Phones and even copied onto CDs. We aren't going to take any chances.

The bubbles have been bought and the program has been approved and the honeymoon destinations organized.
Now comes the waiting to go home part where we will have to put everything together.

Having said that here comes the time that we look at our budget and that people and places that we have already paid deposits too put up their prices for 2013. LOVELY!
Seriously though one more rant about this subject before I let it go. I believe that once you pay a deposit to a company you should pay the price that was quoted to you then. There should be a law about that!

Anyway I am going to take a deep breath and enjoy the last leg of the planning. Pretty soon I am going to be a bride and then a wife and it's all about the marriage...not the wedding.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

4/3 months to go

The reason why I didn't write anything for the 4 month mark was...well quite frankly I forgot!
I have been busy with my Masters thesis and I didn't have much time, well now I have a little break in my schedule to type something and it's close to the 3 month mark so I added the two together!

A lot of stuff has been done and there is still more to do, the 3 month mark is coming and at the end of this month we wanted people to RSVP.

Mom received the honey favours and they look great! Mom has also almost completed the hearts and bunting (YAY MOM!!!!)

The dress and bridesmaid dresses arrived! Hair and make up trials have been booked, programs times etc are being finalized by Leigh (minister).

The bubbles and napkins will be ordered this month.

It's 2 more months until we get back to South Africa so that's another exciting thing too. Soon I am going to be able to help my mom with all the stuff she has been doing!

Oooooh and Jurie and I better start working on the music now!

Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Months to go

Time is flying by and soon it's going to be time for Jurie and I to fly home in December.
It's 5 months to go before the wedding and 4 months to go until we leave for home.

The things that have been done
Garter has been bought
Dress has been bought
Hair and trial has been booked
Mom is making the bunting
Ma is making the cake stand

Things that still need to be done
The honey favours still need to be sent
The bubbles need to be bought
The cake needs to be booked
The music needs to be sorted out
The honeymoon needs to be booked
The remainder of the bridesmaids, groomsman, best man and mothers gifts need to be bought

And that's about it

Jurie and I have been following our wedding's not really a diet it's more about eating at the right times and eating healthy food and of course exercise.

I really should recommend pinterest to people because, it makes things so much easier. Especially looking up DIY and some fun wedding ideas

That's it for now ^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012

6 months to go!

We are at the half way mark now

Photographer: Check
Make-up artist: Check
Flowers: Check
Cake: Check
Hair: Almost there just checking out the options
Dress: Online I am going to be ordering it next month
Wedding Underwear: I am going within the next week or so to have a look around Korea
Garter: Mom's taking care of that
Music: Jurie is going to be working on that while I am going to be busy with my thesis.
Centerpieces: Mom got these, she has been such a star( I love you Mom)

Mom and I have been working on a list of things that needs to be done when I get home.
I have been looking around on Pinterest and pinning things that inspires me.
Jurie and I are on a wedding diet now, mostly it's about eating healthy and exercising...and not drinking so much beer.

This is a great way to organize the music 

I have been learning to make pin wheels for the decor and the men 

Monday, June 18, 2012

7 months to go

It's going to be summer so I would like a simple style where my hair is up and perhaps some piece escaping, very romantic and I think I would like the same for the bridesmaids

Aisle decorations:
We are still stuck on how to decorate the aisle of the chapel. But this has been my inspiration so far.

We have chosen our photographer but now we are looking for someone to video the ceremony for us

I think this sign is adorable with the balloons

Smart phones:

Most people have smart phones, and I don't want to have to hassle everyone at the wedding for the photos they take so I am going to ask if they can download the app, and the photos will be sent directly to an online album which guest and I can both access

Saturday, May 19, 2012

8 months to go

These are some DIY things I have been looking at. 

When I get back home, mid December I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my mom. I am so lucky because my mom and I are like best friends and I love her more than anything. She has been helping me by riding around in South Africa and calling people to get information and sewing things.

One of the things she has started sewing is the tiebacks of the chairs she got the colours blush pink and mint green. We are only using the colours on half of the chairs.

Another thing she has been sewing is hearts to hang on the tree in the chapel.

Things we will be working on together when I get home 

Program fans ( Although the wedding is at 9am I am sure it will start to get hot and people use programs as fans anyway so why not make it a fan)

The cardbox (simple show box that is painted and has a ribbon around)

The garter (cheaper to make one, it's going to be tossed anyway)

Napkin rings (simple ribbon rings)

Here are ideas for decor maybe at the entrance of the church, the entrance of the reception, the cake table, the guestbook/ cardbox table

 I like this idea of an old watering can holding flowers, It's simple and reusable

We have old black rain boots in the garage( not sure if they are still there) but spray paint them white and then another colour and then tada you have another reusable decoration

 This is a tea cup and saucer that has some oasis inside and can be used as a decoration on a table.

Thinking of having something like this on the guestbook/ cardbox table. It's an old frame, you plaint a piece of cardboard using blackboard paint and then write in white chalk " Please sign our guestbook"

The final piece I am thinking about putting on the cake table, it have flowers in it that I will use later to toss.

I am all about things being reused, so using old teacup and teapots and boxes that we have already is a quick and easy way to save money and make everything look rustic/ vintage which is the look we both like.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

9 months to go

This post is just to update all the things I spoke about in the previous post. 
This picture has inspired many of my ideas

We have made our digital invitation and will sending it out soon, we are just working through our guest list to figure out who gets an email and who gets a message on Facebook but the invitation will be sent out soon which is linked to our wedding website we have created where people can get directions, information about accommodation and most importantly RSVP. 

There have been some changes with regards to the dress, I will be ordering one online and then sending it to South Africa, where I will try it on when I get home and if it is too small or if it's ugly I will sell it on bid or buy and then try and find a dress in SA. Jurie and I both agreed on this(actually Jurie talked me into it)

Bridesmaid dresses
I finally decided that the bridesmaids will find their own dresses, and I will pay for them. This way they can buy something that they will wear again. But I do have this kind of style in mind...
I have also asked my cousins, Megan and Elaine to be bridesmaids and they accepted :) 
I like how they are the similar colour but different styles
I like how they are all different, but still  work

Jurie has yet to speak to his groomsmen but I am sure that they will find their "outfits" easily. When it comes to finding clothes men have it easy!

Wedding Favours
We are still sticking with the honey pots but one of  our friends mothers has offered to make fudge for us too which will be a nice little extra. 

Hair and make up
I have booked a make up artist but booking someone to do my/my bridesmaids hair is proving to be tricky. Because the wedding is in Oribi Gorge and because it's a morning wedding. I have been trying to find(or rather mom has been trying to find) someone who is willing to travel out to oribi at about 6-6:30 in the morning. 

Is still the same as the previous post, but I am thinking of having it in metal jugs like the picture. Mom and I had a chat about the table layout and we decided that because it's morning we will have a plain white cloth and the flowers will have the focus point. But this could change...

We will be getting the photographer booked this week. We have decided on a package that is half photos and half video. We made this decision because we are going back to Korea we don't want to have to lug photographs(and the books that they offer) in our luggage, that could be ruined or stolen(I don't put it past people, whatever they want to steal they will steal) so we would like to have just a DVD with our pics on and a DVD with the video,plus they do give us an album which will either come with us or stay in SA. 

The Decor
Mom has been shopping around at craft stores and looking in shops, she has already bought me my guest book, which is stunning and I am truly grateful for all her help. She has been taking pictures of things in shops with her phone and then sending them to me( even though people have been giving her strange looks ^^) 
There is a dead tree in the chapel, I was thinking of hanging  fabric hearts on  it
We will only be receiving cards at the wedding and here is a  vintage idea that I like 

Maybe hang something like this on the main table?
That's it for now... if there are anymore changes( and I am sure there will be) I will update the blog. I am actually thinking of updating it on a monthly basis, so here's hoping on the 19th of May will be the next update. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Less than one year to go

This is the final year of engaged life for Jurie and myself. We have now started the wedding day countdown and have been very busy getting quotes and trying to decide who and where to book. Jurie has been put in charge of the cake, invitations and the honeymoon. We have set up a wedding website but as soon as we have all the details filled in we will put the link on Facebook to those who are invited.

We have our minds set on Lake Eland as our venue for a these reasons
1) The natural beauty will mean less decorations
2) The photos will be awesome
3) It's indoors with a balcony to view outside (in case of rain)
4) The nature (Which we don't get in Korea)

Lately I have been focused on what works best for both Jurie and my personality. Having said that Jurie is doing digital invitations, I like this idea it's inexpensive, convenient and new (Jurie is great with technology and I totally trust him) He is taking his tasks seriously and I am very proud of him.

The dress is the next big thing and I am going to have to buy it when I get home. It's very nerve wracking but it has to be done. I don't want to have to lug a dress from Korea to South Africa and I am not sure I trust warehouses on the Internet. Shoes I will be wearing my own shoes,I have cute green shoes that I will wear, I will not be in heels because I don't want to be taller than Jurie :)

Bridesmaid dresses, I am thinking of having my bridesmaids choose their own dresses or having it made. I have to see how things go.

Wedding favours: Because it is a morning wedding we thought the little pots of honey would be best.

Groom and groomsmen: Jurie already had a nice light green shirt that he can wear we just need to get him nice  pants in South Africa. The groomsmen will have to find some light green shirts too.

Because it is a morning wedding it's very informal. That is exactly our personality, we are not fancy people and so this is best for us.

Photography: We are looking for a photographer at the moment and it's proving to be a little hard. We have had some quotes and we will see how it goes

As for music: All I can say is IPod  play lists, all we need is background music as there will be no dancing.

Flowers: Thinking of seasonal flowers and at the moment I am inspired by wild flowers and arrangements that aren't fancy and staged

That is all I can think of at the this space as the countdown begins