Tuesday, April 24, 2012

9 months to go

This post is just to update all the things I spoke about in the previous post. 
This picture has inspired many of my ideas

We have made our digital invitation and will sending it out soon, we are just working through our guest list to figure out who gets an email and who gets a message on Facebook but the invitation will be sent out soon which is linked to our wedding website we have created where people can get directions, information about accommodation and most importantly RSVP. 

There have been some changes with regards to the dress, I will be ordering one online and then sending it to South Africa, where I will try it on when I get home and if it is too small or if it's ugly I will sell it on bid or buy and then try and find a dress in SA. Jurie and I both agreed on this(actually Jurie talked me into it)

Bridesmaid dresses
I finally decided that the bridesmaids will find their own dresses, and I will pay for them. This way they can buy something that they will wear again. But I do have this kind of style in mind...
I have also asked my cousins, Megan and Elaine to be bridesmaids and they accepted :) 
I like how they are the similar colour but different styles
I like how they are all different, but still  work

Jurie has yet to speak to his groomsmen but I am sure that they will find their "outfits" easily. When it comes to finding clothes men have it easy!

Wedding Favours
We are still sticking with the honey pots but one of  our friends mothers has offered to make fudge for us too which will be a nice little extra. 

Hair and make up
I have booked a make up artist but booking someone to do my/my bridesmaids hair is proving to be tricky. Because the wedding is in Oribi Gorge and because it's a morning wedding. I have been trying to find(or rather mom has been trying to find) someone who is willing to travel out to oribi at about 6-6:30 in the morning. 

Is still the same as the previous post, but I am thinking of having it in metal jugs like the picture. Mom and I had a chat about the table layout and we decided that because it's morning we will have a plain white cloth and the flowers will have the focus point. But this could change...

We will be getting the photographer booked this week. We have decided on a package that is half photos and half video. We made this decision because we are going back to Korea we don't want to have to lug photographs(and the books that they offer) in our luggage, that could be ruined or stolen(I don't put it past people, whatever they want to steal they will steal) so we would like to have just a DVD with our pics on and a DVD with the video,plus they do give us an album which will either come with us or stay in SA. 

The Decor
Mom has been shopping around at craft stores and looking in shops, she has already bought me my guest book, which is stunning and I am truly grateful for all her help. She has been taking pictures of things in shops with her phone and then sending them to me( even though people have been giving her strange looks ^^) 
There is a dead tree in the chapel, I was thinking of hanging  fabric hearts on  it
We will only be receiving cards at the wedding and here is a  vintage idea that I like 

Maybe hang something like this on the main table?
That's it for now... if there are anymore changes( and I am sure there will be) I will update the blog. I am actually thinking of updating it on a monthly basis, so here's hoping on the 19th of May will be the next update. 

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  1. Yeah... thats my wedding with the lanterns and bunting (red and blue) x